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Cold Brew Carafe

Be your own barista year round with this innovative, elegant 1¼ qt/1.3 L. carafe. Let coffee steep 8-12 hours overnight and lasts up to a week in the fridge.

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The Cold Brew Carafe must be seen to be believed. Host a Tupperware® party to see it in action. You could receive enough Host Credit to get it for free.

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Product Features

  • Dual Purpose Cover means no messy grounds on the counter.
  • Handwashing recommended.
  1. Locate the three lines in the Metal Brewing Mesh. The first, toward the middle, is the ready-to-drink fill line. The second, toward the top of the Metal Brewing Mesh, is the concentrate fill line. The top line is the water fill line.
  2. Using only extra coarse, coarse or medium-coarse coffee grinds, fill to the first line for ready-to-drink coffee. Fill coffee grinds to the second line for coffee concentrate.*
  3. Pour clean cool or room temperature water over the grounds slowly, waiting for it to seep through grounds until your pour reaches the water fill line. No matter where you fill coffee grinds, always fill water to the top water fill line.
  4. Place the cover over the carafe and let brew in fridge for 8–12 hours.
  5. When removing, drain Metal Brewing Mesh over the Carafe for about 30 seconds and toss grounds.
  6. Pour a cup of cold brew and mix in your favorite milk, syrups, spices and toppings!
*Dilute coffee concentrate with water or milk according to preference.

Product Specifications

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Capacity 1¼ qt/1.3 L. carafe
Wash Type Hand wash
Feature BPA-Free

Warranty Info

Quality Warranty

This product is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for one year.

Please visit our warranty page to learn more.

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