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An organized pantry is a happy pantry!

The Square is specially designed to optimize storage in cabinets and drawers. It works like building blocks with additional Modular Mates® containers to fit your space.

The airtight, moisture-proof, and bug-proof seal keeps food fresh and safe for longer. Its large opening allows for easy filling and scooping of the contents with no mess.

This container is ideal for storing staples in large quantities like flour, sugar, pasta, and rice, plus cookies, chips, ice cream cones, and much more.

Includes one 23-cup/5.5 L container and one plain seal.


  • Freshness seal: airtight, moisture proof, and insect proof to protect food; retains crunch of crunchy foods and softness of soft foods
  • Modular system: designed for easy stacking and named by height; for example, two Square 1 = one Square 2, and one Square 1 + one Square 3 = one Square 4; same length for stacking with Modular Mates® Oval storage; same width as Rectangulars
  • Translucent container: contents visible at a glance, no more guessing or rummaging; smooth window for adding labels if needed; lightly textured sides for better grip; BPA-free
  • Wide opening: accommodates large items; allows neat scooping and leveling when measuring ingredients
  • Ideal for bulk foods: money-saving storage to protect large quantities of dry goods
  • Say goodbye to chaos! more organized and no more open packages that risk spillages in the drawers/cupboards


Dimensions (Metric/US):
W 19 x H 25 x L 19 cm
W 7.5 x H 9 x L 7.5 inch

Volume (Metric/US):
5.5 L/23 cups

Color: Jet Black (seal)


  • Wash before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in microwave
  • Can be recycled


Wash between refills of oil-containing foods such as chips, bagels, crackers, etc.

Two Ovals fit side by side atop one Square.

To round out your collection, watch for coordinating Modular Mates® Round containers which are available seasonally.

Not only for food, Modular Mates® can also organize medicines, hobby supplies, pet items, and more.

Stores up to:

± 3.6 kg/8 lb all-purpose flour
± 4.5 kg/10 lb granulated sugar
± 3.6 kg​/8 lb rice
± 1.1 kg/2.5 lb rolled oats

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