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5 in 1 Universal Peeler (Set of 2)

5 in 1 Universal Peeler (Set of 2)

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5-in-1 tool right in the palm of your hand

With 5 amazing features in 1 versatile, compact tool, you will be able to cut back on kitchen prep time and do more than just peeling! 

Our revolutionary peeler makes peeling your fruits and vegetables an absolute breeze thanks to the universal blade. 

The universal blade has two sides;

  • use the straight blade for hard fruits and vegetables like mangoes and potatoes,
  • the serrated side to gently peel softer produce like tomatoes or kiwis. 

Not only does this peeler have a citrus cutter, but it can also remove the citrus skin as well! You will love how your nails stay clean and sticky-free. 

The potato eye remover makes fully prepping your potatoes super-quick. 

The built-in herb stripper fits three sizes of fresh herbs. 

It can even stand up so you don’t have to dirty your countertop! 

What’s more, the peeler is specially-designed to fit left and right-handed cooks.  


Dimensions (Metric/ US):
W 2.3 x H 13.3 x L 7.4 cm
W 0.9 x H 5.2 x L 2.9 inch


  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Ergonomic: the smooth, curved handle fits comfortably in the hand, suitable for both left or right-handed use, and stands up on the counter!​
  • Versatile: this multi-purpose peeler has a handy potato eye remover on one side and a citrus peeling system on the other! ​
  • 2 types of peelers in 1:  thanks to its double blade, with a straight side for hard veggies like carrots and fruits like apples, and a serrated side for softer ones like tomatoes and peppers
  • No food wasted: the angle of the cutting surface is carefully designed so the blade can peel a thin layer and food is not wasted.​
  • A unique design with an herb deleafer built into the handle to make quick work of your favorite herbs.

Tips & Life Hacks

Did you know that peeling peppers makes them easier to digest? With the serrated blade, this becomes so much easier. No need to grill them in the oven! 

Don't forget your peeler among the peels as it could otherwise end up in the bin. Remember always to put it aside before moving to the next step of your preparation. 

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