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Classic Silicone Spatula

Classic Silicone Spatula

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Flexible and sturdy, our Classic Silicone Spatula is ideal for stirring, mixing, folding, and scraping to clean out bowls and dishes.


  • Classic shape: The spatula head has one straight side with a pointed corner and one rounded side so it can fit into all sorts of corners and edges including inside rims of bottles and jars to empty them completely.
  • Removable head: allows for thorough cleaning
  • Long handle: sturdy and comfortable to hold; allows reaching into difficult spaces.
  • Hanging slot: can hang on a rack for convenient storing


Hand wash with warm soapy water and non-abrasive sponge.


Scrape bowls clean by gliding Spatula against the sides. 

Use the pointed tip to clean the groove on the underside of any Tupperware® seal.

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