Coffee Station

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Busy, hectic morning sound familiar? Your morning coffee routine just got easier! 


Busy, hectic morning sound familiar? Your morning coffee routine just got easier! 

Slow down the morning rush with My Coffee Station, which keeps everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee in one place. start your morning off right.
My Coffee Station fits perfectly inside the 3.7L Canister. The leakproof lid keeps the paper coffee filters and coffee dry and fresh.

The 2 compartments perfectly hold what you need to prepare your coffee:

  • The 500g/1 lb capacity Coffee Storer compartment is sized to fit the most common coffee packagings.
  • The Filter Storer Compartment holds up to 30 paper filters. That number may vary depending on filter size.
  • Spoon rest keeps your perfect coffee measurer always at the top so you can have everything together for coffee preparation in one place, saving space in the kitchen.

3.7L Canister
H 19 x L 18 cm
H 7.4 x L 7 inch

My Coffee Station Insert
H 18.5 x L 15.7 cm
H 7.28 x L 6.18 inch

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the microwave

  • Keep your coffee, filters and Serving Spoon 20 ml ready to use all in one place.
  • Thanks to the airtight and leakproof lid, your coffee and filters will stay dry and fresh. 
  • The insert has two compartments: one holds 500g/1 lb. of ground coffee or beans; the other holds up to 30 filters (number will vary based on filter sizes). 

My Coffee Station allows you to have everything organized and ready for everyday mornings as well as unexpected guests!. Put instant coffee in the storer and some napkins on the other side to have a neat Coffee Station for your guests and family. The airtight and leakproof lid will keep your instant coffee fresh and away from humidity.


This product is also great for storing tea supplies! Store loose tea leaves as well as tea infusers; the airtight and leakproof lid will keep aromas safely inside the container.

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