Eco+ Straw Set

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It's time for a small change that can make a huge difference.

The ECO Straw is reusable...

It's time for a small change that can make a huge difference.

The ECO Straw is reusable, washable, long-lasting and is made from repurposed plastic.

You can take it with you. The ECO Straw is easy to pack into its own nifty pouch for neat and clean on-the-go use. Just pack used straws back into the pouch for cleaning when you get home. This straw is perfect for kids and adults--put a pouch in everyone's backpack or tote bag!

The innovative needle tip on the washable straws allows for smooth, gentle sipping, while the versatile straw length allows you to choose the perfect one for any size of cup.


The ECO Straw supports the circular economy as it’s made from mixed plastic waste. This new material reflects Tupperware’s commitment to promote a more circular economy, one where plastic waste and materials are used, reused and repurposed.  

Our environmentally friendly straw set includes four straws, a cleaning brush to keep them ready for use, and one colorful pouch to carry them with you wherever you go.

Brush:  L 20.7 cm / L 8.1 inch
Eco Straw assembled: L 25 1 cm / L 10 0.4 inch
Eco Straw Extension: L 8.8 1 cm / L 3.5 0.4 inch
Eco Straw with needle tip: L 17.7 1 cm / L 7  0.4 inch
Pouch: W 6.5 x H - x L 21.5 cm / W 2.6 x H - x L 8.5 inch

  • Sustainable! From the innovative certified circular Eco+ material of the straw, to the recycled material of the pouch, this little straw packs a huge environmental punch!​
  • Gentle and safe: The thoughtfully designed and patented domed tip of the straw offers a completely new drinking experience that is safe for everyone of any age.​
  • Versatile: the size of the straw can be adjusted to fit small or large cups and tumblers! ​
  • Easy clean-up: the cleaning brush fits securely in the pouch for when you're on the go, and is able to easily reach all parts of the straw for thorough cleaning and enjoyment again and again!​
  • Eco-friendly! Take a stand in the fight for the environment and you’ll never need a single-use disposable straw again once you have the Eco+ Straw!

  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Do Not Use in Microwave
  • Do Not Use in Freezer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Never leave any of the Kitchen Preparation Tools in the pan while cooking or when the pan is still hot while serving as it will cause melting of plastic of both tip and handle
  • Pouch: Washing machine up to 40°C
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