Fashion Flask with Silicone Strap

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Durable stainless steel keeps beverages hot or cold for 6 hours. 6-oz./400 mL.

Travel t...

Durable stainless steel keeps beverages hot or cold for 6 hours. 6-oz./400 mL.

Travel to another continent and still have your drink hot or cold upon arrival

The Fashion Flask is the must-have item that should be in every hand or bag on the go! This trendy thermal flask will keep your drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours, so you can travel between 2 continents and still have a hot tea waiting for you. 


  • 12h hot/24h cold*! Keeping your drinks at the optimum temperature is seamless thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation. 
  • 100% leak proof for safe usage on-the-go.
  • Anti-skid bottom provides stability when placed on a table.
  • Double walled, outside stays cool when transporting hot drinks and free of condensation when transporting ice-cold drinks.
  • High grade stainless-steel 304 ensures longlasting product, rust free and odor resistant.
  • Take action for the planet, avoid disposable plastic bottles.

*Filled at 95°C/203°F, drink above 60°C/140°F after 12h/140°F / Filled at 5°C/41°F, drink below 16°C/60.8°F after 24h.

Do you enjoy having a cool and refreshing drink or a hot and comforting beverage on the go at anytime? Is sustainability something you want to accomplish with style? If you answered yes, our Fashion Flask is the best solution! Made with premium quality stainless steel, the Fashion Flask is super durable and will make you feel good about having a reusable solution to replace wasteful plastic bottles. Double-walled vacuum insulated, it will keep your drinks hot up to 12h and cold up to 24h*, so there is no need to worry about finishing your drink too quickly to have the ideal temperature.

For all on-the-go moments, fill your Fashion Flask with your favorite cold or hot drink and take it with style anywhere you go! With such a beautiful design it's even more than just a thermal flask, it's your new fashion accessory!

*Filled at 95°C/203°F, drink above 60°C/140°F after 12h/140°F / Filled at 5°C/41°F, drink below 16°C/60.8°F after 24h.

  • Not for use in the microwave
  • Approved for food use
  • Hand wash
  • Not dishwasher safe

For Cold drinks:

For best results, pre-chill your Fashion Flask with cold water. Pour your cold drink in the flask, add ice cubes if you want, close cap correctly and you are ready to go!

For Hot drinks:

For best results, first fill your Fashion Flask with hot water. To do so, put flask on a flat surface, then fill. Do not hold flask while filling, to avoid getting burned if water pours down side. Let it stand for a few seconds, empty, then fill your flask and have a warm drink for on the go.

Depending on temperature of hot drink, spout of flask can be too hot to drink directly from; in this case, pour contents in a cup or wait for it to cool down.

How to clean: 

  • Clean and dry your Fashion Flask before first use.
  • This product is NOT dishwasher safe and should not be submerged under water.
  • The best way to clean your Fashion Flask is to use a brush. Fill flask with some water and dish soap and make sure to have brush go in all parts inside your flask.
  • If you don’t have a brush, fill it halfway with warm water and a little drop of liquid dish soap, close bottle and shake to allow water to reach all parts on inside. Rinse well and dry with our microfiber towel or allow to dry open.
  • To avoid any sugary beverages drying in flask, rinse it directly when it is empty or pour a little bit of water and let it stand until you wash it.
  • In case of unpleasant odors coming from drinks stored in flask:
    • Fill flask with warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid.
    • Let it stand like this for half an hour.
    • Rinse several times.
  • Allow flask to dry open. 

How to store: 

Always leave your Fashion Flask open when not in use. This will avoid any unpleasant smells appearing in flask.

Do not use for carbonate drinks

  • Material
    Full product: Stainless Steel, PP, Silicone
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full product: W - x H 23.3 x L - Ø 7.3 cm / W - x H 9.2 x L - Ø 2.9 inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full product: 410 ml / 14 oz

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