Happy Breeze™ Essential Oil

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Tupperware Home ™ Essential Oils

Tupperware Home ™ Es...

Tupperware Home ™ Essential Oils

Tupperware Home ™ Essential Oils are uniquely crafted with 100% natural ingredients to create a sensationally fragrant atmosphere, bringing nature into the heart of every home.

Happy Breeze ™ Essential Oil

An energizing and refreshing 100% natural blend featuring fresh zesty lime, rich and herbaceous bergamot, and warm and fresh ginger. It’s best paired with Tupperware Home Sonic Mist ™ Diffuser to gently disperse a unique fragrant mist for perfect sensorial experience.

  • 100% Natural Blend
  • PureDistill ™ Premium Oil
  • Biodegradable Ingredients
  • Cruelty Free

Fill your diffuser with water, add in 5-8 drops of Tupperware Home Happy Breeze essential oil blend, close the upper cover and switch on. Please refer to the diffuser user guide for detailed instructions. Sonic Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser is not included. For use with diffusers only, not to be ingested, used as food ingredient or directly on the skin. Net Weight 10ml.

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