Serving Center® Set

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Skip the boring popcorn tin and give the gift of party! Load the compartments with packaged sn...

Skip the boring popcorn tin and give the gift of party! Load the compartments with packaged snacks or sweets, and tie it with ribbon to put together a customized feast.

Our divided serving tray is a true Tupperware party favorite!

An attractive serving platter can make all the difference when preparing food for entertaining, and it’s even more useful when not limited to a single function!

The Tupperware Serving Center Set has 6 separate compartments to help organize food for your party.
The inner tray can be used a second serving tray, or place ice inside to keep your separated contents chilled!
Better yet, invert the inner tray to use as a cover to protect your food until serving.
(In certain countries) It even comes with a microwave-safe removable bowl so you can easily reheat your dips or sauces. 


  • Build your own soirée: Place a wide variety of toppings inside for a build-your-own pizza, taco, ice cream, salad & so much more!
  • Healthy snacks: Add some fruits and veggies to the tray with a dipping sauce in the removable bowl. 
  • Dip & Sauces: Fill with a variety of condiments for your next cookout!
  • Party snacks: Serve a selection of popular party snacks!
  • Dessert time: Perfect size for serving a variety of chocolates and sweets!

  • Papaya

Dimensions (Metric/ US):
W 34 x H 9.5 cm
W 13.5 x H 3.75 inch

Volume (Metric / US):
Dip Bowl: 400 ml / 14 oz
Divided Tray: 6 x 500 ml / 6 x 2 cup

Max Wattage:
Dip Bowl: 600 watts 

  • Can be recycled
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Dip Bowl: Safe for use in the microwave
  • Divided Tray: Not safe for use in the microwave

    • Party favorite: Fill with your guests' favorite snacks or toppings!
    • Stays fresh: Its domed lid helps keep your food fresh in the fridge before serving.
    • Organized: Its 6 compartments and removable bowl will keep all your contents neat and organized.
    • 2 serving trays in one! The domed cover also doubles as a serving tray and can also keep food chilled when filled with ice. 

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