Silicone Rectangular Form

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Great taste comes in straight shapes!

Thanks to popular cooking shows and social media,...

Great taste comes in straight shapes!

Thanks to popular cooking shows and social media, baking has never been more creative and inspired. Indulge your inner baker and create your own “pin-worthy” masterpieces. It’s easy with the SBF Rectangular. Made of a unique silicone material, it bakes evenly and unmolds easily. The possibilities are endless to create clever layered cakes, brownies, sponge cakes, crustless quiche, and many more. Delight your whole family!


  • No greasing or oiling required
  • Forms heat quickly and bake evenly
  • Removal is super easy—a slight twist or gently pulling on the sides and roll out your creation
  • They're freezer, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.
  • Bake, store, freeze, and reheat right in the form
  • No rusting or staining
  • No need to alter your batter or temperature—bake as usual
  • Cleanup is a breeze
  • Lightweight and perfect for any home or even on the go traveling with a camper, RV, or boat
  • Storing is easy

    Dimensions (Metric/ US):
    W 19.4 x H 2.5 x L 29.8 - cm
    W 7.6 x H 1 x L 11.7 - inch

    Volume (Metric / US):
    1 L / 4 cups

    Min Temp (°C/°F):
    -25°C / -13°F

    Max Temp (°C/°F):
    220°C / 428°F

    • Long-lasting: durable and will not deform in domestic use
    • Smart material: high quality and safe silicone material for easy unmolding
    • Nestable: two forms fit in each other
    • Versatility: usable in the fridge, freezer, oven, and microwave.

      • BPA Free
      • Dishwasher Safe
      • Safe for use in the microwave
      • Safe for use in the microwave
      • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
      • Freezer safe (up to -25°C)
      • Not safe for use on the stovetop
      • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
      • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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        • Results may vary with individual ovens; please adapt your cooking times accordingly.
        • You can fit 2 baking forms on an oven rack. While your baking form likes it cozy, leave some place between them to allow air circulation. Baking results will be better!
        • Microwave cooking works great with our silicone form. Want to try something on your own? Give it a go at 600W.
        • To bake in the microwave, place the form on the turning table of the microwave before filling the form. Most turntables can be removed from the microwave for easier filling of the form.
        • The Freezer Mates Large Low 2.25L can hold the form while your creation is setting in the fridge or freezer.
        • This baking form worked hard. Give it a moment to relax! A standing time of at least 5 minutes after baking with most recipes will do the trick for easy unmolding.
        • Fragile cakes, or cakes where the surface should not be dented, can be unmolded by loosening the SBF on each side until you reach the middle of the form. You can also use the large spatula to lift the cake out of the silicone form.

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