Universal Jar 0.8 Qt./825ml with simple cover

Universal Jar 0.8 Qt./825ml with simple cover

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Lightweight and sturdy universal solution for storage and on the go

Whether you’re commuting, at the office, at school or at home, the Universal Jars 825 ml will be your go to lunch and storage lifesaver.

The Universal Jar 825ml with flat cover is the perfect solution for taking lunch on the go. It is ideal for salad, cold noodle dishes, grain bowls, poke bowls and more. The ergonomic jar is comfortable to hold and eat from! You can even give as a gift filled with chocolate chip cookie mix.

The generous capacity also makes this jar perfect for at home storage. Use in your pantry for storing dry goods, organizing bathroom toiletries, craft supplies, small hardware, as a piggy bank…the possibilities are endless. Also more, the flat cover allows for stacking other small Universal Jars on top, helping you save valuable space.

The Universal Jar 825ml is a part of the multifunctional storage system, the Universal Jars Small. You can combine it with the 325ml and 550ml Jars and mix and match the topping container cover or straw cover from the different product sets for multiple purposes, including home storage, food preparation, lunches, beverages and more. The topping container cover (not included) can be used for sauces, dressings and dips or crunchy toppings to ensure they're still crunchy when you're ready to eat them. The straw cover (not included) is perfect for taking beverages on the go and even better, you can pair it with our Eco Straw!


H 17 x L 9.1 cm
H 6.6 x L 3.5 inch

825 ml / 27.8 oz


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in the microwave


  • No spills! Leak proof lid helps prevent liquids from leaking, even when transported.
  • Lightweight and sturdy: won't spill or break and won’t weigh down your bag on the go.
  • Stackable: The flat cover allows for stacking other small Universal Jars on top, making them perfect for at-home storage.
  • Easy to hold: The ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold by hand and eat from.
  • Get the whole collection! Combine with the 325ml and 825ml to take a complete meal on the go and for storage options for all types of food.
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