Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim

Our silicone baking sheet is time-saving, easy-to-clean, and designed to last a lifetime. This non-stick baking sheet is perfect for all of your holiday baking and everyday cooking needs, like roasting veggies or creating healthy sheet pan meals. What's more, the clever circle design helps you portion out precise measurements for beautifully uniform cookies, tarts, and even puffy macaron shells. The silicone baking sheet will be your secret to making perfect pastries and sweets, each and every time.

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The Silicone Baking Sheet with Rim must be seen to be believed. Host a Tupperware® party to see it in action. You could receive enough Host Credit to get it for free.

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Product Features

  • Use circles as guide for perfectly sized macarons every time.
  • Cooks up to 428º F/220º C
  • 13.9 x 12.4"/35.3 x 31.5 cm.
  • Microwave, oven fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Product Specifications

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Feature BPA-Free

Warranty Info

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This product is warranted by Tupperware® against chipping, cracking, breaking or peeling under normal non-commercial use for the lifetime of the product.

Please visit our warranty page to learn more.

Item SKU 10125370000
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