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One Touch to keep high-use items conveniently close.

Our exclusive one-touch, airtight seal is the answer to moisture-proof food storage for everyday use. This stylish set looks equally at home on the counter or in the pantry. A transparent viewing window on each canister helps you easily identify contents and see when they're running low –eliminating unnecessary, freshness-stealing opening to check.

Set includes four round canisters and seals in four sizes: 18-cup/4.3 L, 12½-cup/3 L, 8½-cup/2 L, and 5¼-cup/1.25 L.


  • Easy open & close: Large lip around the seal allows for easy opening while the one-touch center allows for easy closing.
  • Know what's inside: Transparent window makes it easy to see contents and know when to replace.
  • Airtight: keeps contents fresh for longer and keeps insects at bay, saving you money
  • Stylish and stackable: minimalist, space-saving design


Dimensions (Metric/US):

Junior: H 15.2 x Ø 13 cm/H 6 x Ø 5.2 inch

Small: H 17.5 x Ø 15.2 cm/H 6.9 x Ø 6 inch

Medium: H 18.4 x Ø 17.1 cm/H 7.3 x Ø 6.8 inch

Large: H 21.3 x Ø 19.1 cm/H 8.4 x Ø 7.5 inch

Volume (Metric/US):

Junior: 1.25 L/5¼ cups

Small: 2 L/8½ cups

Medium: 3 L/12½ cups

Large: 4.3 L/18 cups


  • Wash and thoroughly dry before first use.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in microwave
  • Can be recycled

To open, press the center of the seal with your thumb and lift the seal off by the rim.

To close, use either the palm of your hand or your elbow to press the center of the seal - the click will indicate that it's closed properly.


Seals may be stiff when new. After washing and drying, seal each empty canister as directed, and allow to sit overnight to condition the seals. At the end of waiting period, open and fill canisters as desired.

Glossy finish of canisters may be a prime canvas for customizing with vinyl decals from your creative endeavors.

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