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The difference is Ultra Clear!

Tupperware® Ultra Clear containers bring beauty to your pantry and countertop while keeping your ingredients fresh and organized. Our airtight, easy-to-open seal and premium-look, lightweight material provide storage that is clearly beautiful.

Includes one 15-cup/3.6L square container with seal.


The Ultra Clear storage collection optimally preserves foods in lightweight, beautifully transparent containers you'll be proud to keep on your countertop or in your pantry. Easy-to-open, airtight lids and kid-friendly design make these containers a "must-have" for anyone who values beauty, freshness, efficiency, and practicality.

These cleverly designed containers make the most of any space, thanks to their modular, stackable shapes that fit in most pantries.

15-cup/3.6 L square container is perfect for storing up to:

  • 4.8 lbs/2.1 kg all-purpose flour
  • 7.1 lbs/3.2 kg granulated sugar
  • 4.8 lbs/2.1 kg brown sugar
  • 4.5 lbs/2 kg almonds
  • 4.4 lbs/2 kg breadcrumbs
  • 4.6 lbs/725 g coconut flakes
  • 6.2 lbs/2.8 kg lentils
  • 2.4 lbs/1.1 kg chocolate sandwich cookies
  • 5.7 lbs/2.6 kg long grain rice
  • 5.7 lbs/2.6 kg couscous
  • 2.8 lbs/1.2 kg penne pasta

and so much more.


  • Elegant and long-lasting: Ultra Clear combines the beauty of a glass-look container with the durability and practicality of a virtually unbreakable*, high quality product.
  • Transparent and lightweight: Creating delicious meals is easier when your ingredients are easy to see and easy to grab.
  • Fridge, pantry, and countertop friendly: The product's design and material make Ultra Clear containers an attractive addition to all kitchen spaces.
  • Airtight lid: Maintains freshness while keeps humidity, dust, and bugs outside.
  • Easy to open: The large, easy-open tab makes it easy to grab the ingredients you need.
  • Stacking and modular: Stackable containers make kitchen organization a snap. Modular design lets every oval lid fit every oval container in the set.
  • Smart design for handling: Easy to grab, the smart design of the base leaves some space between containers, so you can take one without moving the others.

*based on normal usage – successful drop tests from 5 feet/1.5 meter high


Dimensions Metric/US:
W 17.6 x H 20.5 x L 16.6 cm/
W 6.9 x H 8.1 x L 6.5 inch

Capacity Volume Metric/US:
3.6 L/15 cups
Material: Tritan (base)
Color: Cosmos (seal)


  • Dishwasher safe but handwashing recommended to preserve glossy finish
  • Dishwasher safe up to maximum 150°F/65°C 
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads. 
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils. 
  • Not freezer safe 
  • Not safe for use in microwave 
  • Not safe for use in oven 
  • Not for use with citrus or ginger
  • Approved for food use
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