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Bell Tumblers & Sipper Seal® Set

Bell Tumblers & Sipper Seal® Set

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Help toddlers learn to drink with these durable, dripless tumblers!

Our tapered, textured sippy cup tumblers are specially designed to fit tiny hands. These durable toddler cups are recommended for ages 6-24 months. Set includes four 7-oz/200 mL Tumblers with matching seals.


These classic tumblers were one of Tupperware’s first products. Seven decades on, they're still a hit!​

Our Bell Tumblers & Sipper Seal® are designed help toddlers step up from using a baby bottle to drinking from a cup. Our Sipper Seal® fits tightly over the tumbler rim to minimize spillage when the tumbler is tipped or dropped.

Tumblers nest for space-saving storage and can continue to be used long after the seals have been put aside.


  • A perfect fit: sized just right to fit in your child’s hands; textured surface for better grip​
  • Worry free: Keep liquids where they belong. The tight seal with unique dripless design helps to minimize spillage when the tumbler is tipped or dropped.​
  • Kid tested, parent approved: We know kids like rough and tumble play! These tumblers are durable and built to last from one child to the next.
  • Easy to drink from, easy to learn: Raised spout is easy to drink from, helping kids drink safely and unassisted. ​
  • Space saving: The tumblers nest because just like your little ones, storage space is precious. ​


Volume (Metric/US): 200 mL/7 oz

Material: PE

Color: Spa Blue, Cosy Rosy


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use for carbonated drinks
  • Not freezer safe
  • Not safe for use in microwave
  • Approved for food use
  • Can be recycled
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