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Cool Warmie® Thermal Jug

Cool Warmie® Thermal Jug

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Your stylish companion to keep drinks hot or cool!

Introducing Tupperware Cool Warmie® – a portable and insulated thermal pot that can keep your drink hot or cold for up to 6 hours*.

Capacity 3⅜ cups/800 mL.


Now that many are working from home, it’s more important than ever to invest in the best thermal beverage dispenser.

Tupperware® has developed the Cool Warmie®: an insulated thermal pot that's ergonomically designed to suit busy professionals at work. Small enough to sit unobtrusively on a desk, yet large enough to hold two 13.5-oz./400mL cups of coffee, it lets you use your favorite mug while keeping your refills piping hot and close at hand.

With a thermal pot on standby, you can always prepare hot coffee in the morning, make a nice tea in the afternoon, or infuse cold drinks with fruits & herbs in the evening, all at the comfort of your desk.


  • Keeps your water hot/cold: vacuum insulated body for keeping your beverage hot/cold even after 6 hours*
  • V-shaped non-drip spout: easy flow; no drips
  • Easy lid: easy to open completely for filling and washing; easy to press thumb lever for dispensing drink
  • Leak proof: does not leak when closed, even if tipped over
  • Odor free: no lingering smell from previous beverage
  • Ergonomic design: easy to operate with one hand; wide base to resist tipping; portable and insulated

*When flask is kept at room temperature of 77˚F/25˚C, originally boiled water can still retain above 140˚F/60˚C, and originally 39˚F/4°C cold water can still retain below 59˚F/15˚C after 6 hours.


Dimensions Metric/US:
W 17.1 x H 18.6 x L 17.1 cm/
W 6.7 x H 7.3 x L 6.7 inch

Capacity Volume Metric/US:
800 mL/27 oz

Material: stainless steel, PP, silicone

Color: Dream


  • Hand wash
  • Not for use in freezer
  • Not for use in microwave
  • Not for use in oven
  • Not for use on stovetop
  • Not for use with carbonated drinks
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from direct heat or heat sources.
  • Do not use to keep milk products or baby foods warm because of the possibility of bacterial growth.
  • Do not use for food.
  • Do not use with ice cubes.
  • Do not drink directly from the container because the inside wall can be hot.
  • Heavy impact may reduce the vacuum performance and will damage the exterior finish.
  • For best results, it is recommended to preheat the thermal pot by filling with hot (not boiling) water, or to pre-chill by filling with cold water.

To open: Unscrew the cover while holding the thermal container. Fill with hot or cold liquids. Do not fill above the bottom of the screw threads.

To close: Screw the cover clockwise onto the thermal container while holding the pot. The knob should be aligned with the handle.

Cleaning Instructions:

  • The product is not dishwasher safe. Handwashing only.
  • Always clean all parts of your product after each use.
  • Wash by hand with warm water and dish detergent. Rinse well. Drain and dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Do not immerse in water.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or bleach.
  • Always store the product open when not in use.
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