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The only tool you need to keep the wine flowing!

Using a corkscrew has never been easier. No more huffing, puffing, and pulling. Just place our Corkscrew over the bottle neck, hold it steady, and turn the handle like winding a music box. That's it!


From large parties to intimate gatherings, the Tupperware¬ģ Corkscrew is the tool that keeps the wine flowing. You'll no longer struggle with broken or stubborn corks because our superior Corkscrew makes opening a bottle of wine, whether it has a natural or synthetic cork, fast and easy.

It has a high quality, stainless core, carbon steel-coated spiral which penetrates without resistance and releases corks smoothly. The collar which protects your hands also aims the spiral so it enters straight, and all you have to do is hold it steady and turn the wide handle. The spiral goes down, and the cork comes up. No crooked starts, no forcing, no pulling ‚Äďjust twist, twist, twist, and your wine is ready to pour.

  • Drop the Corkscrew over the bottle neck, turn, done. It can be that easy to open a bottle with natural/plastic corks.
  • Through the opening in the collar, you can see at any time how far the cork has already come up.
  • The collar aligns itself with the neck of the bottle and remains in a vertical position while the spiral turns in the cork.
  • Thanks to the ‚Äúsoul,‚ÄĚ the free space in the center of the spiral, the cork is hardly damaged and can be used to close the bottle again
  • Little force is required for turning because the spiral is coated, and the size of the handle is engineered for efficiency.

Our Corkscrew is the perfect gift for wine lovers and enthusiasts, and it's a great addition to any home barware collection. Enhance your experience with the Tupperware¬ģ Corkscrew, and enjoy more time with your loved ones and more of your favorite wines.


  • Easy to use:¬†Ergonomic design makes removing corks effortless ‚Äďno levers to pull and no skill required.
  • Safe:¬†Collar naturally guards the spiral while in storage and protects your hands while in use.
  • Compact:¬†Self-contained Corkscrew finds a place in any kitchen, bar, or picnic basket.
  • No more broken corks:¬†Non-stick coating on the spiral penetrates the cork easily. Removed corks twist off the spiral just as smoothly, staying intact for reuse in the bottle or in your craft projects.


Dimensions (Metric/US):
W 8.1 x H 4.2 x L 16 cm/
W 3.2 x H 1.2 x L 6.3 inch
Material: PP, ABS, stainless steel
Color: Popsicle, Jet Black


  • Hand wash
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Approved for food use


Watch for additional accessories like our Wine Pump and Foil Cutter, or ask your representative about them.


Warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for one year.

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