Glass & Bamboo 2¼-cup/550 ml Storage Jar

Glass & Bamboo 2¼-cup/550 ml Storage Jar

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Inviting, Stylish and Sustainable Storage for Any Kitchen

These borosilicate glass containers with FSC® certified bamboo lids are crystal clear, practical and environmentally friendly. Not only are they ideal to store dry foods keeping them fresh longer to reduce food waste but great for other areas around the house for stylish organization!


  • 100% At Sight: Made of safe, high quality 100% borosilicate glass
  • Good Protection: Tight cover to keep freshness inside
  • Effortless open and close: Made for everyday convenient use
  • Slim and Sleek Design: Allows for one hand easy grabbing
  • Secure Stacking: High rim around the lid lets you securely stack the containers
  • FSC® Certified: Bamboo lid is sustainably sourced from our forest to your home

These borosilicate glass containers are ultra clear, practical and environmentally friendly. Ideal to store dry foods keeping them fresh to reduce food waste! The glass containers allow to easily see-through, it is a great way to have your favorite dry foods always at hand and keep track of your contents. The 3 sizes are perfect for: spices, crackers, dried beans, nuts, chilies, pasta and more! Or use them in other areas around the house for stylish organization. We also care about our sourcing; the bamboo lid has FSC® certification which means the bamboo used has been responsibly sourced.

100% At Sight Good Protection: Beautiful and practical these ultra-clear borosilicate glass containers and natural bamboo lids with gasket will keep your favorite dry foods fresh longer while adding elegance to your kitchen.​

Good for your home, good for our world: By you using Tupperware’s Glass & Bamboo Storage Jars you are helping to take care of the world’s forests. Learn

Space saving: Designed to stack securely for space-efficient food storage.​

These 2¼ cup/550 ml storage containers are perfect for storing up to:

  • 120 g loose tea (±4 oz)
  • 120 g​ loose leaf tea (±4 oz)
  • 280 g​ breadcrumbs (±10 oz)
  • 100 g​ coconut flakes (±3 ½ oz)
  • 400 g​ lentils (±14 oz)
  • 375 g​ long grain rice (±13 oz)
  • 320 g​ tapioca pearls (±11 oz)
  • 400 g​ bulgur (±14 oz)
  • 445 g​ couscous (±1 lb)
  • 180 g​ penne pasta (±6 oz)

Care Instructions

  • Not for freezer
  • Not for use in the microwave
  • Not safe for use in the oven
  • Approved for food use
  • Hand wash

Gasket can be removed for easy cleaning. ​

Bamboo lid is not dishwasher safe.​

Glass base is recommended for handwashing due to the print on the base: printed copy on the base of the glass will wear off after time if placed in the dishwasher.​

Caring for Bamboo ​

  1. Avoid submerging bamboo in water.​
  2. If your bamboo starts to look or feel dry, re-hydrate with mineral oil or bamboo conditioning oil.​


  • Material
    Full Product: Glass & Bamboo
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    550ml Jar: W 10.8 x H 8.9 x L 10.8 Ø - cm / W 4.25 x H 3.5 x L 4.25 Ø - inch
  • Metric / US Capacity Volume
    Full Product: 550ml / 2.25 cup
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