Slim Line Pitcher with Strainer Set

Slim Line Pitcher with Strainer Set

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Set of two 8-cup/2 L lightweight pitchers. The NEW oval-shaped spout has a sharp edge at the front for extra pouring precision.

Our slim beverage container is lightweight and compact, making it easy to hold while serving and allowing it to fit perfectly into the door of the refrigerator. Featuring a frosted finish with two polished windows, you can quickly and easily check the level of liquid inside. The leak proof seal has a flip cap spout for easy pouring, and the removable strainer is great for infused beverages, ensuring no pieces pass through or clog the spout.

And it’s not just for beverages! Use your Slim Line Pitcher to hold cold soups, sauces, dressings, or even pancake batter for easy dispensing.

Set includes two 2-qt/2 L pitchers with strainer inserts and seals.


  • Fits in fridge door: Slim, compact design fits in standard fridge doors, saving precious space.
  • Translucent material: identifies contents at a glance
  • Removable strainer: infused beverage friendly; easy to clean
  • Easy to hold: Lightweight material and two flat sides make it easy to grip and pour beverages.
  • Easy to pour: Thanks to the heightened spout, it's easy to pour into any type of cup or glass.
  • Great for prepping: measurements etched on the container
  • Great for on-the-go: Leak proof seal and cap allow for safe transportation without worry of spills.
  • Family sized: Generous 2-qt/2 L capacity is perfect for storing beverages for the whole family. Set of two for any combination of drinks.


Metric/US Dimensions
Full Product: W 11.8 x H 28.5 x L 11.8 cm
        W 4.7 x H 11.2 x L 4.7 inch

Metric/US Capacity Volume
2 L/2 qt (8 cups)

Full Product: PP, PE

Color: Dragonfly (seal)


  • For use with cold or room-temperature liquids only
  • Not suitable for use with hot or carbonated beverages or with carbonating devices
  • Liquids with spices, tomato, or carrots can cause staining, but this will not affect the performance of the product.
  • Dishwasher-safe, top rack
  • Store completely dry and open when not in use.
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