MicroPro® Grill

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Turn your microwave into a grill! 1 ½ qt. / 1.5 L.

Plan ahead for a he...

Turn your microwave into a grill! 1 ½ qt. / 1.5 L.

Plan ahead for a healthy, quick meal every day of the week

Meals in minutes. Bake, grill, crisp, and sear meats, fish, vegetables, and even bake cakes in the microwave! We'll show you how:

  • Thermal heat cooks, bakes, and even browns food in the microwave. Just like a conventional oven or grill, thanks to a unique technology.
  • A non-stick coating ensures quick, healthy meals in a fraction of the time it takes in an oven, grill or frypan.
  • Less mess than conventional cooking with no smoke, smells, food splatters, or pots and pans to clean up.

Thanks to the two different cooking positions, this one pan offers endless cooking possibilities:

  • Grilling position for grilling paninis, grilled cheese, burgers, chicken, pork, fish and other seafood, and grilled vegetables
  • Casserole position for making casseroles, cobblers, enchiladas, cinnamon rolls or other little pastries, recipes with sauce or delicate foods that would be squashed by the cover.​..

In the "Dry-Egg test", Eterna®'s non-stick/release lasted 26 times longer than a leading brand, and 10 times longer than the premium non-stick tested.

Small, compact, and easy-to-clean, the MicroPro® Grill is perfect in any sized kitchen, dorm room, or RV - no backyard required!

  • Upgrade your microwave into a grilling, frying, and baking pan, thanks to its unique technology.​
  • Your food is really grilling not zapped with microwaves, food is shielded from the microwave, the MicroPro Grill turns the microwave into thermal energy on the top and bottom surface to cook the ingredients.​
  • Perfect grilled results, super easy and without risk of burning, thanks to the heat regulation of the top and bottom susceptors at the optimal temperature of 220°C/450°F.​
  • Ideal for everyday use for a 2-3 people family, with an inside capacity of 1 1/2 QT
  • Easy to clean and food doesn't stick, thanks to the PFOA-free Eterna® non-stick coating

  • Take meat out of the fridge about 20 minutes before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature, this will help you to more easily achieve golden brown results when grilling.
  • Always pat meat dry prior to grilling. Higher water content may cause an unwanted steaming effect.
  • Adding salt before grilling will draw out the juices from your food, causing it to dry. Always add salt after grilling for the juiciest results!
  • When cooking different types of ingredients in the same pan, start with the ingredients that take longer to cook, this way your complete dish will be ready at the same time
  • For the best results when searing meat pieces, pre-heat the MicroPro grill with a piece of bread or vegetable for 2 minutes beforehand.
  • Cut food into even pieces for even cooking.
  • Depending on your microwave oven, the grilling effect will be more pronounced on the top or on the bottom. The reason for this is the microwave inlet location (the place in the microwave oven where the waves come from). If you notice a difference, flip the food halfway through the cooking time in order to have the same result on both sides!
  • If you wish to use oil and other fats: We recommend brushing a small amount of oil on the food before placing it in the MicroPro Series Grill.

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