Pro Ring

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Guests make a surprise visit and you need to bake a dessert in 10 minutes, use the MicroPro Gr...

Guests make a surprise visit and you need to bake a dessert in 10 minutes, use the MicroPro Grill with Ring. 

Think outside the box and discover the ring! Baked goods just got easier - freshly baked cakes in under 15 minutes: Sponge Cake, Coconut Lime, Matcha Cake, Pistachio Cardamom, Pound Cake, and so much more.  

But not only cakes: Cornbead, Cheesecake, Crustless Quiche, Beer Bread, Brownie, Pancake Scallion, and so much more.

Conventional Treats too: Roasted Sweet Potato Tart, Deep Pan Pizza, Triple Chocolate Tart 

Some features that you'll love the Pro Ring for even more:

  • Long-lasting — Durable and will not deform in everyday use.
  • Super easy to place into the MicroPro Series Grill and flexible for easy unmolding thanks to the silicone material.
  • 4 Tabs on the sides — Make it easy to hold the product with oven gloves.
  • Reduced risk of leakage, thanks to the small step inside the ring on the bottom.

  • Get into the Ring! Now your MicroPro Series Grill turns into a true baking tool with the Pro Ring. It gives you fast and perfect results ring in the microwave.
  • Super Versatile: Pro Ring can be used in your conventional oven too! Great for when you need your microwave for other dishes.
  • More time for living! Baking time with the Pro Ring in the MicroPro Series Grill is about 50% less than baking in a conventional oven. No need to spend hours in the kitchen! Enjoy spending more time with your loved ones.

Dimensions (Metric/ US):
H 3.2 x L - 15.2 cm
H 1.3 x L - 6 inch

Temp (°C/°F):
-25°C / -13°F
220°C / 428°F

Max Wattage:
1000 watts

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp or metal utensils
  • Freezer safe (up to -25°C)
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Not safe for use on the stovetop
  • Not safe for use with grill/broil function
  • Safe for use in the microwave
  • Safe for use in the oven

A Pro Ring perfectly fits into the Freezer Mate Large Low 2.25L. Freeze your semi-liquid cream or desserts into the product to get a round shape for a summer vibe!

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